Posted by CraigBaker on August 31 2017 10:11:16


Competitor Licensing

As a reaction to the information released on Thursday regarding the Online Personal Safety Seminar and Test the Midas SNZ office has today received a range of feedback from our members commenting on the new Online Safety Seminar and Test being incorporated into our competitor license application.

The Midas SNZ Board have been advised of this feedback and after consultation with Managerial Staff it has been agreed that competitor licensing will be suspended until Monday 11th September 2017 to allow for further consideration of this new procedure.
During this period Midas SNZ will consult with affected parties and seek independent advice before advising the members of the outcome of these discussions.
I thank you for your patience during this time.

John McCallum
Midas Speedway New Zealand

** UPDATE **

All members to hold off on buying there licence until this has been sorted with snz!

A recent announcement from SNZ. We advise there is now an additional $30 fee to be paid when purchasing your licence online!
The club and committee was unaware of this and believe there should have been some consultation with ALL tracks and competitors the cost just keeps rising!!!
Can you please go online to www.speedway.co.nz for full details