Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

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Membership Application

Download Membership Application 2012 - 2013

50/50 Roster


(If you are not on the list, your entry has not been received - please contact us)

Just a reminder that this event starts at 12 noon

Gates open at 10 (Parking inside aloud)

Family $35
Adult $15
Child $5

Due to the high number of race cars this weekend, parking is only available in the pits for officials and driver's
Others will be turned away.

gates open before hand

MINISTOCKS - 24 (2 spots left)
4 C Braydon Lennon
6 C Chris Williams
8 Y Chris McSherry
12 C Emma Burnip
14 C Chris Dempsey
18 GM Sarah Bellis
21 C Terry Leveridge-Watkin
23 C Paul Archbold
28 C Shannon Evans
32 Nic Ross
34 GM Josh Wottom
41 C Ethan Rowlands
42 C Steve Parkhill
44 gm Mandy Monk
47 GM Matt Cook
52 C Daniel Lamb
55 GM David Davies
56 C Hayden Leveridge-Watkins
65 GM Dale Buckman
69 C Learne Robertson
75 GM Paul Baines
84 C David Ford
94 C Shannon O'Connell-Inns
181 C Shi Robb

4 C Mike Gourley
5 GM Brandon Parkinson
22 C Hayden Corbett
32 GM Iain Whyte
46 GM Tyler Stanton
54 GM Steve Thompson
67 C Nigel Niven
69 C Andrew Naven

8 N Kurtis Bandy
19 C Malcom Ngatai
24 n Luke Ewing
25 C Lloyd Jennings
27 C Peter Field
46 N Blair Cunningham
59 C Brad Rosewarn
84 N Anthony McKenzie
94 C Noel Inns
95 N Alex Hill
96 N Ken Nolan

4 GM Ian Watson
7 N Pam Nixon
9 GM Diane Stephen
15 N Jared Blanchet
16 GM Ricky Dense
17 GM Keith Martin
19 N Dave Leitch
21 C Ron Koole
25 GM Wayne Stanton
27 GM Clynton Anderson
44 D Shane Carson
52 N Tania Kitto
66 C Matthew Cox
68 C David Filius
76 C William Sherlock
78 C Steven Palmer
87 N Geoff Watson
95 N Nicole Marr
96 N Darryl Bridge
99 T Whetu Taewa

STOCK CARS - 23 (3 spots left)
4 GM George Watson
7 GM Paul Robson
9 C Kane Holtham
11 GM Tony Stanton
17 C Vaughan Fairbairn
21 C Dan Cross
38 GM Tony Oliver
43 C Josh King
44 GM Dave Houston Snr
59 C Brad Rosewarne
62 C John Gray
68 N John Everett
74 GM Houston Jnr
77 N Brad Neiman
79 GM Brookes Ryan
85 GM Brittney Carptner
93 GM Logan Tomlin
95 C Alex Rondel
97 C James Wheeler
107 GM Colin Cameron
121 E Shinnae McNally
417 GM Kurt Browning
911 C Craig Robb

11 GM John O'Callaghan
18 GM Wayne Fishburn
27 GM Herb Pickering
32 C Levi Anngow
34 C Levi Van Lieshout
38 GM Grant Whitley
43 C Kieren Skurr
55 C JC Anderson
62 C Dave McSherry
82 C Graeme Jackson
88 C Mark Reeve
89 GM Robert Kirkwood
93 C Ivan Hill
127 C Paul Lelsie
343 GM Pat Anngow

TQ's - 13
7 GM Ryan Coll
9 N Dylan Stone-Cuthbert
12 C Kimberley Yeatman
14 GM Sean Brown
15 GM Shawn Shilton
16 C Kyle Glover
29 C Tim Millar
36 C Gareth Nixon
46 GM Cameron McKenzie
61 C Jeremy Webb
66 N Jayden Corkill
75 N Graeme Porter
82 GM James Thompson
92 GM Rodney Thompson

2pm Start

Racing is still on!!!

****PLEASE NOTE!!!!!****
Racing on Saturday 8th of April now starts at 2pm (Due to daylight saving changing)

weather is looking good for racing Saturday 8th of April .......if for some weird reason it rains, we will race Sunday at 12pm instead.

Entry Forms 2016 2017

As the season is comming to an end it is time to get ready for king of the coast,
One of our biggest meetings every year,

Production saloons
Adult Ministocks
Superstocks (tbc)

King Of the Coast 2017 Entry form

Download here

Date has been moved

18th of March Remembrance
Has been moved to the 8th of April.
This was not a simple decision taking by the committee.

With WoodFord Glen ruining of the Battle of the Stocks meeting, a large number of drives are tending that meeting making our class numbers very low.

So the committee has come up with a plan.

On the 8th of April, we will now run
The Remembrance Meeting
Youth King of the coast
Mainland Ministocks

We the committee are committed to putting on the best show for the drivers and the spectators, but we can't do this with low numbers.

If you have any Questions to ask, Please feel free to drop us a PM and we will answer as fast as we can.

Production saloon Feature meeting

Production saloon Feature meeting

1 - 11T Geoff Friend
2 - 6N Dave Leitch
3 - 21C Ron Koole
4 - 99T Whetu Tawa
5 - 25Gm Wayne Stanton
6 - 95N Nicole Marr
7 - 17GM Keith Martin
8 - 27GM Clyton Anderson
9 - 44D Shane Carson
10 - 18M Scott Dense

Copyright and Thank You

All images and information are copyright to there owner's
The club would like to thank A.J.(Drew) Hamblyn for the many years spent on running the old website, what a great effort you done for us all, a big Thank you to everyone that has helped out to keep the club going, all members and non-members who have helped out in the off season to make the club run, and to everyone who made our meetings great fun every time, Thank you


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