Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

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Membership Application

Download Membership Application 2012 - 2013

50/50 Roster

Sign in Night

Sign in night Wednesday 21st September 7pm in the clubrooms.

Please bring correct cash!!


***5 weeks till our first practice***
How's your car looking?

AGM 2016

Speedway AGM Meeting Wednesday 10th of August 7.30 pm in the clubrooms.

Please show your support by coming along

All welcome

16th April koc

Saturday 16th of April 12pm start
King of the Coast & West Coast Open Street stock champs (please note street stock class is limited to 20 cars, first in first served - please private message us your interest to race)
8 classes racing at this event.
Stock cars
Super stocks
No youth ministocks sorry!!!
Public Gates open at 10am
Street stock entries (15)
9n Ryan Musgrove
23c Dwayne Kennett
26c Cody Pedley
27 GM Herb
34c Levi Anngow
34c Levi van leishout
43c Kieran Skurr
61c Tom Earnshaw
61c Dave McSherry
79y Aiden Troy
82c Graeme Jackson
88C Tristan Sargent
88C Mark Reeves
88C Chris Miles
127 Paul leslie

Koc Streetstock

King of the Coast - Streetstock Drivers.

It seems we have seen a few posts to do about why the streetstocks will not be racing at King of the coast 2016, Here are a few facts and reasons behind the committees thinking.

1, 9 race meetings, 1 streetstock

2, Club has always opened its doors to away streetstock drivers.

3, 7 classes are all we run at King of the coast, why only 7, to do with how many race cars, tow wagons and crew we can fit in our pit in a safe manor. also time becomes a factor

4, Saloons have been asking for a number of years and have always had a " Sorry " response

5, 15 streetstocks at last years king of the coast, after having 21 of them enter, yes we understand life happens but only a few rung in to say they couldn't make it.

6, we don't hate streetstock drivers, they put on a great show at most king of the coasts,

7, we as a committee like to see things grow and change and this gives another class ago at our big event

8, NO this does not mean that it's over for streetstocks at king of the coast, there is all of next season plus our late addon event on the 16th so come on over. Glenda is the rep for streeties for this event

9, If you would like to see the class back at king of the coast next year, help the club out in our season and come to a few of our meetings, ring up and talk to us before hand,

10, at the end of the day, what has been said, sorted and worked out is how its going to be, you may wish to bad mouth our club, our members and our committee as much as you like but do remember it will come back and bite you later on,

We do ask that you understand that this was not an easy option for the club and it was not just put in the works, it was talked about, voted on and thats how it came about,

Please respect the decision the committee has made.

If you feel you must talk to the committee about this you are more then welcome to, you can drop us a PM on here. or you can Ring one of our committee members to talk more about this, you can find all our numbers on our website,

Greenstone Park Speedway Committee

Copyright and Thank You

All images and information are copyright to there owner's
The club would like to thank A.J.(Drew) Hamblyn for the many years spent on running the old website, what a great effort you done for us all, a big Thank you to everyone that has helped out to keep the club going, all members and non-members who have helped out in the off season to make the club run, and to everyone who made our meetings great fun every time, Thank you


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