Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Our Links

Membership Application

Download Membership Application 2012 - 2013

50/50 Roster

Rained off

Todays racing as now been Rained off till 1pm tomorrow. Please pass around to anyone that you know that will be making the trip down there today.

Thanks, See you all 1pm tomorrow

Mod GP

Modifieds GP 28-3-2015 list to date

1 NZ Luke Keegan
4 C Mike Gourlay
5 GM Brandon Parkinson
9 C Garry lennon
10 C Dave Thompson
15 C Todd Richards
17 W Jonas England
24 C Dan Rae
32 GM Iain Whyte
46 C Brett Stack
46 GM Tyler Stanton
54 GM Steve Thompson
67 C Nigel Nevin
71 C Jake Ackers
72 E Scott Valk
99 C Darren Nankivell

4pm Racing
3pm Gates open
Rainout called by noon

Rain out date 29-3-2015
1pm Racing
12pm gates open

Adult $15.00
Children $5.00
Family $35.00


king of the coast entry forms are now on the website,

to download them, click the link below

king of the coast entry form.

Youth King of the coast - Mainland Ministock results are now updated onto the website, to view them, click Race events, then 2014 - 2015 season,


update 09-03-2015

Greenstone Park Speedway update,

DEMO DERBY, Youth King Of The Coast & Mainland Ministocks
4pm Race start,
3pm Gates open

Rain out date is sent for the Sunday, with a 1pm race start, 11am gates open,

Please all Youth who plan on racing at our Youth King Of The Coast to have a transmitter

Production saloons

(No entry forms, but please ring our class reps if you plan on turning up)
Entry list for demo derby are at Oliver Automotive & Sotherans Glass


Jim Bradford TQ Memorial are been held on the 28th of March, same weekend as the Mod GP

(Please all TQ drivers wishing to enter this event contact our class reg)


Entry form for the New Zealand Modified GP is now download able by clicking the link below

Entry form


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The club would like to thank A.J.(Drew) Hamblyn for the many years spent on running the old website, what a great effort you done for us all, a big Thank you to everyone that has helped out to keep the club going, all members and non-members who have helped out in the off season to make the club run, and to everyone who made our meetings great fun every time, Thank you


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