Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

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Membership Application

Download Membership Application 2012 - 2013

50/50 Roster


AGM is coming up on the 20th of August 7.30pm in the clubrooms. Any General Business for the agenda needs to be given to Robbie Brown prior. Please come and support your club

Prize giving

Prize Giving Saturday 28th of June - Union Hotel 7pm

(Can all current trophy holders return their trophies to Sotherans Glass)

Sponsors day has been postponed till next season


Sponsors day today was been postponed. New date to be advised.

Sponsors Day

Sponsors Day
17th May, all cars to be at track at 11am, racing from 12pm to 2.30pm $40 day licence

Prize Giving
Trophies are to be returned from last years winners to Sotherans Glass - 33 Lord St Greymouth




streetstocks ,1st Shane chapman 86c, 2nd Kirk Aldridge, 3rd David Mcsherry

TQ's, 1st Jeremy webb 3nz, 2nd Mattthew Leversedge, 3rd Lindsay Bailey

Productions, 1st Hogan Jeffs, 2nd Dave Filius, 3rd Dave Leitch

Stockcars, 1st Lloyd Jennings, 2nd Ralph Gillespie, 3rd Jayden Gerrard

Superstocks, 1st Nick Fowler,2nd Cleve Kokshoorn, 3rd Trevor Mason

ministocks, 1st Vinny Spafford Parsons, 2nd Dylan Robb, 3rd Sarah Bellis

Mods, 1st Steve Thompson, 2nd Gary Lennon, 3nd Brandon Parkinson

Copyright and Thank You

All images and information are copyright to there owner's
The club would like to thank A.J.(Drew) Hamblyn for the many years spent on running the old website, what a great effort you done for us all, a big Thank you to everyone that has helped out to keep the club going, all members and non-members who have helped out in the off season to make the club run, and to everyone who made our meetings great fun every time, Thank you


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