Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

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Membership Application

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50/50 Roster


Entry form for the New Zealand Modified GP is now download able by clicking the link below

Entry form


NZTQ Final Results

Property Brokers New Zealand TQ championship results

3nz Danny Keene

2nz Duane Todd

1nz Matthew Leversedge

Day 1 & Day 2 results are now live on the website under Race events, 2014 - 2015

29th postponed

Speedway on the 28th of Feb has been postponed till the 14th of march (The derby will also now be held on the 14th)

NZTQ final


No Name
1 NZ Duane Todd
2 NZ Scott Baker
3 NZ Jeremy Webb
4 C Daniel McKinlay
8 B Craig Todd
11 C Liam McCoubrey
14 GM Sean Brown
17 NZ Darkie Armstrong
24 C Daniel Jenkins
27 A Hayden Guptill
36 C Gareth Nixon
41 A Morgan McHugh
44 A Paul Le Cren
49 C Tim Milar
51 C Andrew Marker
71 A Danny Keene
73 A Thomas McLean
76 A Ryan Baker
82 GM James Thompson
89 C Gareth Bindon
97 C Mather leversedge


Property Brokers New Zealand TQ Title Entry list

Group 1
Name Number

Duane Todd 1NZ
Ryan Coll 7GM
Liam McCoubrey 11C
Graeme Porter 13N
Shane Phillips 18A
Mike Hyslop 19C
Gareth Nixon 36C
Andrew Marker 51C
Morgan Frost 57N
Gina Harris 64A
Thomas McLean 73A
Clayton Phillips 74C
James Thompson 82GM
Scott Bailey 87C
Ryan Chapman 92c
Paul Le Cren 114A

Group 2
Name Number

Scott Baker 2NZ
Alicia Mclauchlan 6N
Craig Todd 8B
Kimberley Yeatman 12C
Sean Brown 14GM
Darkie Armstrong 17N
Daniel Jenkins 24C
Hayden Guptill 27A
Melanie Smith 37C
Mark Morris 62C
Jayden Busch 67A
Ryan Baker 76A
Lindsay Bailey 78C
Simon Crawford 79N
Matt Davison 88C
Charles Gardiner 94C

Group 3
Name Number

Jeremy Webb 3NZ
Daniel McKinlay 4C
Dylan Stone-Cuthbert 9N
Kyle Glover 16C
Gavin Chappell 26C
Hayden Mortimer 33N
Morgan McHugh 41A
Atama Holland 48GM
Tim Millar 49C
Danny Keene 71A
Brett Booth 72C
Lawrence Baker 81A
Ben Gilmore 83C
Gareth Bindon 89C
Matthew Leversedge 97C
Mark Bezett 99N

Coast to Coast road closed from Jacksons to Kumara Junction from Friday 6am to 9am
And Saturday 5am to 8am. Detour via Moana

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