Adult $10.00
Children $5.00
Family $25.00
Prices subject to change due to major events throughout the season

Gates open at: 3pm
Racing starts at: 4pm
Times subject to change due to major events throughout the season

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Sorry Racefans!!

Todays meeting is not happening.
The weather is doing exactly what it was supposed to do and only going to get worse.
I hope we have made the right decision.
Good luck to our drivers heading to other tracks to race tonight



This Saturday see's our first race meeting of the season.

the club is going to use this meeting as a club meeting.

Double points for all drivers up for grabs.

Gates open at 3pm.
Racing starts at 4pm.

Get your back side, track side,

News letter

News letter 2017

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News Letter 2017 1.o


Due to weather,
numbers of cars ready to practice and having to let st johns know so they can roster on staff we have decided to call the practice off for Saturday.

Fingers crossed we can get on the track next week to prep the track better too so its a nicer surface to put the new flash cars on as we have new clay to pack in and hopefully have a run next weekend.

Please help out and come to the working bee Sunday 10 till 12 all welcome 🏁



Competitor Licensing

As a reaction to the information released on Thursday regarding the Online Personal Safety Seminar and Test the Midas SNZ office has today received a range of feedback from our members commenting on the new Online Safety Seminar and Test being incorporated into our competitor license application.

The Midas SNZ Board have been advised of this feedback and after consultation with Managerial Staff it has been agreed that competitor licensing will be suspended until Monday 11th September 2017 to allow for further consideration of this new procedure.
During this period Midas SNZ will consult with affected parties and seek independent advice before advising the members of the outcome of these discussions.
I thank you for your patience during this time.

John McCallum
Midas Speedway New Zealand

** UPDATE **

All members to hold off on buying there licence until this has been sorted with snz!

A recent announcement from SNZ. We advise there is now an additional $30 fee to be paid when purchasing your licence online!
The club and committee was unaware of this and believe there should have been some consultation with ALL tracks and competitors the cost just keeps rising!!!
Can you please go online to for full details

Copyright and Thank You

All images and information are copyright to there owner's
The club would like to thank A.J.(Drew) Hamblyn for the many years spent on running the old website, what a great effort you done for us all, a big Thank you to everyone that has helped out to keep the club going, all members and non-members who have helped out in the off season to make the club run, and to everyone who made our meetings great fun every time, Thank you


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