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29 saloon salute

West Coast Speedway 25 November 2012
A great days racing featuring the Saloon Cars Pike River 29 lap memorial race. Alisha Osborne
sung the National Anthem before the start of this feature race. These saloon drivers come back
every year for this event and our thanks to them all for taking the time to do this. There were 10
cars entered in this event including 4 North Island cars and was won very deservingly by Steve
The saloons raced over two heats for position in the last race, the 29 lap memorial race. First place
in heat 1 went to 74 A Scott Lansdowne and second place went to 5 T Darryl Ainsley. The second
heat was the reverse of the previous heat with Ainsley in first place and Lansdowne in second
place. A marble draw was done to select who would take pole position between these two for the
last race. 21 H Steve Williams started in third position and took the lead after a few laps and held it
to the end.

1st 21 H Steve Williams

2 nd 74 A Scott Lansdowne

3 rd 4 A Anita Sloot.

Production Saloons
The West Coast Production Saloon championship was the other feature of the days racing. 99T
Whetu Taewa won the first two heats with 78 GM Dave Kokshoorn in second place. These two
went into the final heat with only two points between them but Kokshoorn’s first placing in the last
race was not enough to get enough points and the championship wnt to Taewa by one point.

1 st 99T Whetu Taewa 20 points

2 nd 78 GM Dave Kokshoorn 19 points

3 rd 15 GM Eddie Gray 12 points

This class is providing excellent racing with consistent good fields. 7C Glen Redmond took out first
place in two heats taking the overall first place. He was closely followed by Ben Fisher who raced
well for a first, second and third placing to take out 2
place overall.

1 st 7C Glen Redmond 40 points

2 nd 24GM Ben Fisher 39 points

3 rd 92C Callum Evans 32 points

Stock Cars
Another good field of stock cars as we have come to expect from this class this season. The first
three placings in each race alternated between 15B Kyle Heiber, 43 GM Jason Smith and 82GM
Dwayne Honey. Heiber went into the last round with highest points and his second placing in the
last race was enough to give him overall first placing.

1 st 15B Kyle Heiber 34 points

2 nd = 43GM Jason Smith 31 points

2 nd = 82GM Dwayne Honey 31 points

TQs Once again 82GM James Thompson out classed the rest of the cometitors and took out the first
place overall and is hoping for a win in the South Island TQs at Greymouth later on 8 December.

1 st 82GM James Thompson 17 points

2 nd 75C Blair Warren 15 points

3 rd 78C Lindsey Bailey 10 points

Next meeting South Island TQ Championship and West Coast Modified Championship 8



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