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The Solid Gold FM King of the Coast for 2009 kicked off at 12 noon and provided over five hours of high octane thrills. Over 130 cars entered this West Coast spectacular, including two New Zealand title holders, and entertained a large and very appreciative crowd.

The Percy Whyte greenstone trophy for the best local was awarded to Cleve Kokshoorn.


A big field of stockcars were split into two groups for qualifying races then one race for the title. Local man Cleve Kokshoorn won both heats in the red group despite his car sounding a little off song while in the blue group Steven Bishop survived a trip up the wall to win race one with Gavin Vallance the heat two winner. There was not much contact in the qualifying races but some big hits happened in the final. Kokshoorn was on pole and dashed away to take the win from Blenheim's Ralph Gillespie with another Greymouth driver Jamie Routhan third overall. Others didn't have such happy endings, Dwane Honey rode the wall for a time, as did Colin Cameron then on the last lap Cody Streeter tasted the concrete with some help from Andrew Quy. West Coast drivers took four of the first five placings in this class.
1st 99 Cleve Kokshoorn Greymouth
2nd 28 Ralph Gillespie Blenheim
3rd 4 Jamie Routhan Greymouth
4th 11 Tony Stanton Greymouth
5th 82 Dwayne Honey Greymouth


Like the production saloons the ministocks had a tacky track to deal with for their first heat. Chris Hall handled the conditions best and took the win. Hall battled with Allan Meaclem in race two and eventually finished second behind Ben Jacobs who raced well winning the final heat to take out the King of the Coast title ahead Hall with Jono Garthley third overall. There were a few fierce hits across the three races with cars being spun out and the crowd got their moneys worth in race three when Shaun Cardwell rolled Steven Bellis on the back strait. The first local home was Dave Houston (Snr) in 6th place.
1st 41 Ben Jacob Christchurch 74 points
2nd 47 Chris Hall Christchurch 71 points
3rd 33 Jono Garthley Christchurch 66 points
4th 56 Johnny Cox Christchurch 64 points
5th 23 Tony Newman Christchurch 61 points


A huge twenty one car field went to war for the streetstock title with carnage across all three heats making it hard to work out who was winning. Lucky enough to survive race one was James Carroll who took the win then Keith Anderson guided his spiderman car to victory in race two. Surprisingly eighteen cars made it out for the final heat with Blair Leigh cutting through the wreckers paradise to claim the chequered flag. Overall though Colin Robinson won the title with three way tie for second between Carroll, Leigh and 1NZ Simon Bland. The best local was John O?Callaghan in 8th place.
1st 8 Colin Robinson Christchurch 58 points
2nd 1 Simon Bland New Zealand 57 points
3rd= 10 James Carroll Blenheim 57 points
3rd= 17 Blair Leigh Christchurch 57 points
3rd= 55 Keith Anderson Christchurch 57 points


The production saloons had a rough track to deal with in their first race which claimed a few victims. Blenheim's Shawn Keen took the first win with Dave Filius of Christchurch a close second. Filius was in a class of his own in the next heat winning by nearly quarter of a lap. In the final race sole female driver in the field Violet Cummings gave the boys a lesson with a good win which earned her third overall. First place went to Keen who was consistent all meeting with Filius second. The best local was Cory Shearer in 4th place
1st 8 Shawn Keen Blenheim 43 points
2nd 86 Dave Filius Christchurch 86 points
3rd 39 Violet Cummings Christchurch 39 points
4th 64 Cory Shearer Greymouth 38 points
5th = 68 Gerry Filius Christchurch 36 points
5th = 88 Scott James Nelson 36 points


A field of eight super saloons raced over three heats with wins to the Christchurch cars of Martin Harcourt and Trevor Elliott while Nelson's Basil Jones took the other. There were a few crashes throughout the heats with Ralph Goodwin and Paddy North colliding in the first race. Jones was also involved in two crashes in the last race when he locked horns with Elliott then hit Mark Carey. Overall North took the King of the Coat title from Harcourt with Nelson's Ron Taylor third.
1st 46 Paddy North Blenheim 20 points
2nd = 32 Martin Harcourt Christchurch 16 points
2nd = 71 Ron Taylor Nelson 16 points
4th = 8 Basil Jones Nelson 13 points
4th = 96 Robert jefcoate Nelson 13 points


It was great to have two top North Island modifieds down for the event with one of them being current New Zealand champion John Jackson from Stratford and all the way from Auckland was Scott Lane. Unfortunately Lane had car troubles and was unable to even start a race. Jackson showed why he is 1NZ winning race one and getting third in race two which was won by Brett Stack. Luke Keegan drove well to win the final race and took the overall win when Jackson pulled onto the infield halfway through the final heat. Mike Gourley finished second with Morris Headly third. Grant Harkness of Greymouth was unlucky to miss the third place after a coin toss with Morris Headley.
1st 871 Luke Keegan Christchurch 28 points
2nd 4 Mike Gourley Christchurch 27 points
3rd 49 Morris Headley Christchurch 24 points
4th 94 Grant Harkness Greymouth 24 points
5th 46 Brett Stack Christchurch 22 points


The superstock King of the Coast title chase became a Nelson versus Christchurch teams race. The first race was relatively tame with Ian Clayworth the winner after early leader Jason Smith got taken to the wall. Smith then switched to block mode in heat two and held up Shane Harwood but it didn't stop him taking the win. In heat three it was all on with Smith and partner in crime Aaron Penberth creating havoc and picking on Harwood again . Penberth took Daryl Peterson to the wall near the end of the race then Nigel Keats got in on the act and rolled Peterson. The officials checked Peterson and cleared him to race on where he finished second behind Shane Anderton. Overall Peterson had enough points to win the title from Nick Selfe with Clayworth and Anderton tied for third.
1st 41 Daryl Peterson Nelson 31 points
2nd 12 Nick Selfe Christchurch 30 points
3rd = 83 Shane Anderton Christchurch 28 points
3rd = 17 Ian Clayworth Nelson 28 points
3rd = 3 Brendan Higgs New Zealand 28 points

This was the last event for the 2008-09 season and the committee would like to thank all the sponsors for their support for the season.


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