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King Of The Coast - 29 March 2008.

West Coast Speedway King of the Coast 29 March 2008.

The Speedway was so committed to the King of the Coast that helicopters were brought in to improve the track after heavy overnight rain. Even with the less than ideal weather, the crowd flocked to the track to enjoy the large fields of competitors. This hugely popular event attracted drivers from Auckland, Wellington, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill as well as our usual supporters from Nelson, Blenheim, Westport and Christchurch. The racing improved as the day went on and the track packed down but, unfortunately, the Super Saloon drivers decided the track was not suitable for their class. The West Coast Speedway will have a third attempt to run this South Island Championship on 12 April in conjunction with the Club Championships and the fireworks display.

Stock Cars:

The entries for this class were over subscribed the day after being advertised, such is the popularity of this class. Twenty five drivers took to the track in conditions that could be described as ?heavy?. Allan Levien from Wellington won this class with 70 points from a possible total of 75 points. Best local in this class was Dave Kokshoorn with consistent racing that earned him forth place overall.
1st 46 W Allan Levien 70 points
2nd 28 E Ralph Gillespie 64 points
3rd 96 E Steve Biddulph 61 points
4th 88 GM Dave Kokshoorn 59 points
5th 98 C Russell Tuuta 46 points


Another good field and this class and was won very convincingly by Glen Redmond of Greymouth with a first and two seconds.

1st 65 GM Glen Redmond 46 points
2nd 10 C Bob Roper 37 points
3rd 23 C Tony Newman 36 points
4th 48 N Matt Inwood 35 points
5th 36 C Shannon Evans 33 points


Scott Lane from Auckland was the star of this class but had to hold off strong opposition from locals Brandon Parkinson and Robbie Brown.

1st 19 A Scott Lane 24 points
2nd 5 GM Brandon Parkinson 22 points
3rd 33 GM Robbie Brown 19 points
4th 96N Cliff Frost 19 points
5th 84 C Natasha Rodgers 12 points

Street Stocks

Another big class with very close racing and only four points separated the first 5 placings. John O?Callaghan was the only local with any success and took out third place in one round.
1st 17 C Blair Leigh 50 points
2nd 76 C Alex Gowans 49 points
3rd 19 C Chris Leigh 47 points
4th 68 C Charles Gardiner 47 points
5th 55 C Keith Anderson 46 points

Super Stocks
Malcolm Ngatai almost made a clean sweep of this class with two firsts and one second and achieved 32 points from a possible 33 points.

1st 19 C Malcolm Ngatai 32 points
2nd 492 C Campbell McManaway 28 points
3rd 83 C Shane Anderton 21 points
4th 18 N Shane Harwood 20 points
5th 8 C Roger Nees 18 points

Production Saloons
The local competitors faced bad luck in this class and of the six local competitors the best overall placing was Ashley Boyd in 7th place overall.

1st 68 C Gerry Filius 40 points
2nd 65 C Rhonda Katene-Hill 36 points
3rd 8 C Shawn Keen 35 points
4th= 69 I Graham McKernan 28 points
4th= 29 D Violet Cummings 23 points

Youth Ministocks

This event was held last month and racing had to be abandoned with only two rounds being completed. The decision was made to call the competition on these two rounds and the prizes were presented on Saturday night.

1st 53 N Perry Soper 33 points
2nd 14 GM Sean Brown 31 points
3rd 77 N Rowan Inwood 31 points
4th 36 GM Callum Evans 28 points
5th 52 N Steven Soper 25 points.

Other local competitors who went well were Dave Houston in 6th place, Jessie Oldham and Bydon Stewart in 7th = place and Alex Wilson-Dailey in 11th place.

Prize giving was held on Saturday night at the Union Hotel were sashes were also presented to Allan Levien for the furthest travelling North Islander, Campbell McManaway for furthest travelling South Islander and Natasha Rodgers received the ?hard luck? award.

The Percy Whyte greenstone trophy for the best local was presented to Glen Redmond.


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