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King Of The Coast 2011

King Of the coast Is one of Greymouth Greenstone Park's Major events for the
year, With cars from all over the south island turnning up to take there
clam at been King of the coast in there Racing class. 9 Christchurch TQ's
turning up to make up numbers for our two local TQ Drivers Steve Thomson
(54Gm) and Tim Miller (53Gm) bosting the class to 11 Drivers all out to take
top honors on the day, with close racing and some of the Best side by side
racing that has come out of Greenstone park all season it looked to be a top
3 finsh by christchurch drivers Ryan Stone coming home on top with 27Point,
Kyle Glover and Andrew Barker both on 22 Points ment there was to be a run
off, with Kyle Glover coming out on top to take 2nd Place over all.

With 14 Streetstocks on paper it was going to be some Best racing he streetstocks
have seen with a action going on all over the track, with 7 Local
Streetstock drivers taking on 7 Christchurch drivers, including 1NZ Blair
Leigh, it was going to be a tough race making leader changes after every
lap, Chris Leigh 19c came out ontop with the highest Points of 43, with
James Carroll 10C 2nd on top with 36, and Local Driver Nick Petch 86Gm
coming home in 3rd place with 33 Points, and Rob Mazey 98Gm Another Local
car rounding out the top four with 32 points,

Ministocks paved way with 17 cars, with 6 local cars, and Dave Houston Snr 44Gm coming home in 5th place
on 33 Points, Dave Houston Jnr 74Gm taking a roll in the first race,
knocking him out of points with a DNF, Glen Redmond 7c taking out top points
with 44, and Ben Smith 93N of Nelson taking out 2nd place with 43 Points,
and Jason McConnell 15C taking out 4th and Chris Mecherry 61Y of Westport
taking out fouthplace.

With a Local Number of Production saloons this year, made for some tight
racing, with Ricky 16Gm Taking out top Honor's with 11 Points and Gerry
Fillus 68C taking out 2nd and David Fillus 86C getting 3rd with 6 points and
rounds out 4th place was Jason Hope in the 88Gm car,

Stockcars, By fair out biggest class we have in greymouth with 22 Cars ready
to do Battle at King of the Coast, it was going to be a action packed race's
and was going to show, who has the speed and skill to hang there car in
there to take top Honors, with 2 westport drivers and 5 Christchurch drivers
making the trip to our park, making the King of the Coast honor go anyway,
Westport, Christchurch Or will it stay in greymouth, Wit some Hard hits, and
a few cars knocked out in the first race you could see that it was going to
be very close on who was going to take it out, with Jason Tasker 9Gm coming
home with 61 Points and Tony Staton 11Gm on 61 Points also ment there was
going to be a runoff, to see who was the King Of the coast, Dave Terris 48Gm
on 59 Points and Brent Willson 51Gm on 58 points rounding out the Top four,
Jason Tasker and Tony Staton having to have there runoff, this could have
gone anyway, was it going to be Jason or tony, who was going to take out the
win, and go home with the King of the coast Honor, they both lined up and
the Green Flag droped, who was going to be first to take off, both sitting
there waiting for each other to take off, Jason backing up a little and
getting in behind tony to start pushing them, they both take off diving for
the first corner, tony get ahead and it looks as if tony could take it out,
coming into turn 4, tony over turns it and spins up letting Jason take the
lead and get ahead and run the remanding laps. to take out the Win,

Video Of the StockCar Run off for first and 2nd

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